How the Male Sex Organs Function?

Male sex organs are far less complicated than those of a female, for the simple reason that man doesn’t have to bear babies. That is why organs, pertaining to birth of an infant, are missing in a male. The testicle produces millions of sperms in a single orgasm which travel upto the tube known as ‘VAS’. When a male is sterilized, the Vas is cut. Sperms enter the urinary passage-just in front of the bladder.

At this point, the prostate gland discharges or adds its won secretion into the seminal fluid which nourishes the sperms and keeps them active and alive so that their chance to contact the female ova to fertilize are increased. At the time of ‘coming’ or ejaculation. the semen spurts out of the penis in gushes and travels to meet the female egg for fertilisation. This is a natural process, common to all males and females. Germs also pass out from the same passage which is meant for urine to pass out. In an ejaculate state, it is not possible for a man to urinate, hence both semen and urine never mix-either one can ejaculation or pass urine out, but both acts can never happen at one time.

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