Sex During and After Pregnancy

sex-and-pregnancyPregnancy is bound to affect, in one way or the other, sexual activity of both partners. When you are tired after a day’s toil or looking after the child, you are liable to have a low intensity for sex. But there is no hard and fast rule in this regard. In certain women no sexual feelings are noticed but, in some, pregnancy is an occasion for charged up sexual pleasure and awareness. Some men may tend bulging of woman’s body a bit nauseating one, some may have concern for proper health of the baby, leading to voluntary abstention from sex act. Some couples, in order to satisfy their sex needs, may opt for adjustments in coital positions so that the mother and baby remain safe, whereas some prefer non-coital sex play or oral sex.

During the first trimester, there is variation in patterns of sexual behaviours when women have fatigue and morning sickness, nausea and/or vomiting and thus may lose interest in sexual activity, while others may not have anyone of the said symptoms. But in the second trimester most of pregnant women notice heightened sexual activity, as far as their sexual response and desire are concerned. In the last trimester woman, often, lose their charm and attraction due to bulging of abdomen, both showing concern for the foetus, and thus a pronounced drop in sex frequency is noticed. It is more due to fear that abstention is preferred and not merely due to the factors enumerated above. Let us explain the situation when sexual coitus should be given up, by spelling out following factors:

1. If there is any tendency to or history of any abortion and miscarriage, sex should be avoided.

2. Where there is vaginal or uterine bleeding during pregnancy, it is wiser to avoid any sort of sexual activity and should be resumed only after sound medical advice.

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