Tips to Last Longer in Bed

There are certain proven ways and tricks by which you can bid adieu to all your sexual concerns.  Certain sure-shot tricks that work best have been mentioned below.

The head Squeeze:

Just when you feel the urge to ejaculate, stop and squeeze right away beneath the head of your penis. This action flushes blood out of the penis and thus momentarily blocks the ejaculatory reaction.


Kegels are proven quite effective if you know the right way to go about. When you are urinating, stop the flow of your urination midway for a few seconds, and then continue urinating. Repeat this process for a few days every time you urinate.

Avoid thrusting:

Avoid immediately pushing all the way into the vagina. At first just penetrate about 2-3 inches.

Stimulants that keep you going without coming too soon:

Researchers have proven that as many as 75% men worldwide have completely gotten over premature ejaculation with the help of stimulants and supplements. However, if you are not comfortable with the side-effects that come with prescription drugs, you can always go for a more natural alternative that is composed of herbs.

Let your partner take the lead:

The woman on top position enables your penis to get less stimulated, and your partner will also feel more in charge.

Give your mind a break:

The more you think about orgasms, the lesser the chance that you will get it. All through sex, try concentrating on other things as this will help you achieve an orgasm faster.

Foretell your ejaculation:

There are four stages in the sexual phase: enthusiasm, plateau, orgasm, and decree. Try and be familiar with these during your sexual encounter and rate your excitement. Accordingly, try to keep your excitement levels at a middle range.

Go for Masturbation:

Increase your Masturbation time and frequency. Keep a time interval of fifteen minutes between masturbation and sexual activity.

Let your partner be pleased before you:

Let your partner enjoy an orgasm before you. It will improve her feelings of pleasure both sexually, and psychologically.

Increase foreplay:

First understand your partner’s needs – what are the things that keep her happy. Accordingly, spend time doing it. If your partner takes 15 minutes to orgasm, then increase your foreplay time to 15 minutes, so that whilst you go into her, you can be certain that both of you will climax at the same time.

Discover what works best:

Spend more time with your partner and discover the positions that excite her. Usually letting your partner be on the top will prevent you from suffering from premature ejaculation.

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