Tips to Last Longer in Bed

The tips to last longer in bed are like a treasure that everyone wants to have. I am sure you want some for sure, so kindly read on. No men would deny that they do need new techniques in bed. If you are not too keen on sex then you are missing out on long lasting sexual intercourse. Here are exciting new tips for folks who love to last longer in bed with their partners:

1. Do not masturbate yourself too much as it is only a way to quick orgasms. While masturbating the body becomes used to quick ejaculations. If you masturbate for longer time in a slow manner then automatically you will last longer in bed too. The body becomes trained to ejaculate taking its own extended time.

2. Always use condoms while having sex. When you wear a condom, your endurance level is naturally more. The condoms which have desensitizing spray on them are even better for use. This way you can last longer in bed while having sex with your partner.

3. Make sure you pee before jumping into bed for sex. If you don’t then you will be unable to control the climax after a very short while. Therefore it is important that your bladder is empty before you start having sex.

4. Masturbating before sex is good as you are sure to last for quite a long time after that.

5. When you are inside your partner try rotating your hip. Doing this circular movement will subside all urges to climax soon.

Men want to last longer in bed so that the sexual experience is memorable. Premature ejaculation only leads to frustration when sex is interrupted by a quick orgasm.

All men want to completely satisfy their partner. So many couples have tried the above tips and are enjoying their sex life. Premature ejaculation is easy to combat if only you try all you can and follow what is right for you.

From now on, do not rush yourself or your partner before sex. When you and your partner take things slow then sex and climax will happen slowly. Have plenty of foreplay before you actually have sex. Foreplay is very important for couples and must not be underestimated. To last longer in bed means a good dose of foreplay first. Get all of this correct and you will be happy in bed.


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