Useful tips to repair your hair

The hair constantly undergoes different challenges like dyeing, sun and using of low-quality hairdryers and straighteners. It all can damage the hair and make it dim and fragile. That is why sooner or later your hair will need recovery.

Beauty salons offer a lot of hair recovery products and you can also use some natural home remedies. But to use them properly you need to know in which cases they should be used and what is the effect of using them. There are several frequent negative factors affecting the hair and for each of them needs special methods of hair repair.

Hair recovery after sunlight or hairdryer influence

If you like to spend your holidays at the seaside you can notice that your hair needs urgent recovery. And frequent using of hairdryer has the same negative effect as the sun and salt water.

To restore you hair you can have lamination of hair or mesotherapy at a beauty salon. These procedures help to solve the problem rather quick.

You can also repair your hair at home if you follow several simple rules:

  1. Drink a lot of pure water;
  2. Eat food rich in polyunsaturated acids;
  3. Wash your hair only with shampoo suitable for your hair type;
  4. Apply moisturizing and nourishing hair masks;
  5. Use cosmetics only of the brand you trust;
  6. Regularly cut off hair ends;
  7. Do not brush wet hair.

Hair recovery after dyeing

Frequent dyeing weakens the hair and makes it dry and colorless. Changing the structure of the hair, dye-stuffs damage it. In this case the recovery of the hair comes to strengthening the hair and providing it with the necessary amount of moisture, which can be achieved only if the hair gets enough nutrients.

To saturate your hair with nutrients you can take treatment at a beauty salon but it is rather expensive. Another opportunity to strengthen your hair is using professional cosmetics for dyed hair. It is much more budget and in the same time includes all the necessary nutritive materials.

You can also use different natural home remedies like natural masks. They improve the appearance of dyed hair and promote its growth. Especially effective are the following hair recovery masks:

  • Mask of the beaten up into a foam egg yolks with a teaspoon of lemon juice (wash it off with warm water, otherwise it will be difficult to rinse the mask off);
  • Mask of 300 grams of rye bread poured with a liter of boiling water (before the mixture becomes the mask it has to be left for 5 hours at room temperature and then filtered through gauze; exposure time: 1 hour);
  • Mask of wheat oil, coconut oil and vitamin E (exposure time: 30 min – overnight; wash the oil off with shampoo).

Hair recovery after using flat iron

Many girls often straighten their hair. Some of them even do it every day. Because of frequent using flat iron – especially if it is a low-quality one – the hair becomes lifeless, dry and you need to restore it.

It is not easy to repair the hair affected by flat iron. Some hairdressers even say in this case that the best way to restore it is to cut it off. Not so many people would agree to do so but fortunately there some alternatives. However you will hardly manage to repair you hair. You can only moisten it and make it look better.

If your hair is damaged by iron you should apply keratin and oil masks for damage hair which are suggested in beauty salons. It gives your hair a good moistening and saturation. But remember that it will work only if you exclude the iron. In addition you have to hold to recommended by experts system of care:

  • Apply natural and moisturizing masks;
  • Carefully brush your hair;
  • Regularly cut off the hair ends;
  • Do not dry it in the sun or with a hairdryer;
  • Use hair conditioner;
    more hair recovery recommendations

Hair recovery after lightening

Lightening is one of the most harmful procedures. It is necessary to destroy the cuticle layer of the hair to bleach it. The hair becomes dry and fragile and looks lifeless.

Using professional hair recovery products can help to make your hair stronger. In this case keratin and capillary masks will be especially useful and restore your hair within a short period of time.

You can also repair your hair at home but it takes a little bit more time and you will need to apply some restorative masks regularly. You also should follow the following tips to restore lightened hair:

  • Use only liquid and transparent types of shampoo;
  • Avoid using styling products too oft;
  • Appling spray to dry hair will make brushing it easier;
  • Wash your hair carefully and try not to tangle it when shampooing.
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