Effective Tips and Tricks for Preventing Premature ejaculation

How to prevent premature ejaculation? And how to last longer in bed? .  Two questions frequently ask by most of the men today.  Here some tips and tricks for preventing your premature ejaculation issue naturally. The list I present here is not the only way to prevent premature ejaculation, but this will help you to solve your Premature Ejaculation issue to a great extend.

Sex is associated with physical and psychological interaction of two persons. Premature ejaculation should be treated physically and mentally.  List of tips provided here include physical and mental methods for controlling ejaculation.


1. Exercise Physical stamina is a main factor in how last longer you in bed. Strengthening your muscles is important, because you will get more stamina. This includes doing exercises for pelvic muscles that controls the ejaculation; kegel exercises are good for strengthening PC muscles. Tutorials on how to do kegel exercises are available online. Doing stretching exercises, weight lifting, cycling etc…  Will help to develop your body and confidence.

2. Communication. Sharing your problems with your partner is very important.  Understanding each other is a good way to involve completely during the sexual act. Communicating your problems with your partners helps you to loose your tension and anxiety.

3. Spend time naked together. Taking a bath or shower together like so. Hanging out naked while reading books, swimming etc. will helps to get more comfortable and relaxed together it will helps you to take the focus off your body.

4. Practicing meditation as relaxation tip. Medication will helps you to get more relaxed. If you have well relaxed mind then your life get more enjoyable. If you are relaxed then you can enjoy your sex with out any anxiety or pressure.

5. Make the atmosphere sweet. Always keep in mind to do sex in a very funny and lovable mood, don’t try to become too much serious while doing sex.

6. Distraction Techniques. When you are about to reach the peak distract your mind by thinking something else that is unrelated to your sexual emotions.  But make sure that this will not affects your love making moments.

7. Breathing Technique. Taking slow deep breaths will helps you to control your emotional and mental state.

8. Giving stimulations during foreplay. Try to spend some time in foreplay, so you can arouse your partner and make her near to climax before you begin sex.

9. Stop and start technique. While doing sex when you are near to the point just withdraw and relax and do again. This can be practiced while urinating, by stopping and starting urine flow.

10. Different position. Sexual position is a very key factor in preventing premature ejaculation. While choosing position makes sure that your pelvic muscles are relaxed. Getting women on top is a good position for controlling your ejaculation. Trying different position will help you to get better sexual enjoyment also.

11. Pills. Taking sex enhancement pills will help you to gain more energy during sex. But this is not a choice for preventing premature ejaculation permanently. While choosing your pills try to choose herbal products so it will be safer.

12. Masturbating. Masturbating before sex will increase your time in bed.

13. Wearing condom. This will reduces the sensations receives to your penis and so you will not reach to point very soon and help you to last longer in bed.

14. Changing your attention. Changing your focus to something else in the room and concentrate on other things, like counting something in picture or like so.

15. Diet. This is also important try to take good vital and natural fresh foods. Food enriched with zinc content will helps you to get strong erections.

The point discussed above is some tips to preventing premature ejaculation and enables you to last longer in bed. You can try and make your sex more enjoyable.


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